Annie's Rising Crust Pizza Annie's Homegrown Tue, 29 Oct 2013 18:32:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Have a Pizza Picnic Thu, 06 Jun 2013 19:01:16 +0000 Annie's Ahh, summer. Hot days, pool parties, watermelons, and picnics. We love it all! That’s why we’re digging Prudent Baby/Pretty Prudent’s fun craft idea for a summer picnic with our Rising Crust Pizza. There’s nothing like leftover pizza picnic days with the kids — minimal clean-up and maximum time for fun in the sun. Click here to find out how to make Jacinda’s fishing game craft for your next pizza picnic!

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]]> 0 How to Choose Healthy Prepared Foods Fri, 31 May 2013 03:10:12 +0000 Amelia Winslow I’m not usually a packaged food fan. When it comes to pizza, salad dressing and mac-and-cheese, I prefer to make my own from scratch so I can control the ingredients.

However, since becoming a mom, I’ve realized the value in keeping a few prepared foods on-hand for “emergencies” (emergency = it’s 6pm and I haven’t given a single thought to what’s for dinner). You will never find Spaghetti-O’s in my cabinet or Hot Pockets in my freezer. Me and those kinds of foods just don’t mesh and never will. But you probably will find some carefully-selected convenience foods in stock for days that just escape me.

I pay close attention to the food and ingredients that come into my kitchen. When selecting packaged or processed foods, this is what I look for:

  • Ingredients I recognize and would be likely to cook with at home
  • Minimal and/or recycled packaging
  • Organic or Non-GMO
  • Brands who source ingredients from sustainably-run family farms
  • Nitrate/Nitrite-free (when a product contains meat)

And when I’m serving a frozen pizza or any other store-bought entree, I always accompany it with a generous helping of fresh or frozen produce so we meet our veggie “quota” for the day. Sometimes I make a salad or sauté some veggies, but even raw vegetables with dip will do the trick.

Here’s an example of a quick meal I made recently when we had a few kids for dinner unexpectedly.


Pepperoni pizza cut into little squares, perfect for little mouths…


(and also perfect for dipping the soft crusts in warm marinara sauce)


Fresh strawberries and grapes


Carrots with yogurt dip (plain Greek yogurt mixed with pesto, salt, and lemon juice


It was all on the table within 25 minutes.


I didn’t have to sacrifice my food values or my children’s health in an effort to get dinner ready fast, and it goes without saying that everyone was happy with pepperoni pizza.

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Annie’s Pizza to the Rescue Thu, 23 May 2013 00:35:17 +0000 Annie's We’re big fans of bloggers Heather and Whitney over at Rookie Moms – they’ve helped us throw a pizza party at Whole Foods, they’ve blogged about our new pizzas, and they also happen to be our neighbors here in beautiful Berkeley, California. Whitney’s son just started playing soccer, and she’s discovered a new side to parenting that involves a heck of a lot less time.

Read on to see how pizza comes to the rescue at her house on busy weeknights.

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Pizza Party, Crafty Sister Style Fri, 17 May 2013 18:17:41 +0000 Annie's For this week’s Pizza Night installment, Annie’s is delighted to share an update from Jacinda and her little girls at Pretty Prudent (the new Prudent Baby).

For many families, pizza night comes around out of necessity more than anything else. The head chef has been cooking all week, and he or she has had it up to here with the “but I don’t LIKE carrots” and the “leftovers taste weird, Dad” comments. Basically, pizza night — especially when all you’ve got is a preservative-filled frozen pizza —  loses its charm after a while.

Jacinda has a few ways that you can put the fun, whimsy, and excitement back into pizza night, including serving Annie’s new rising crust pizzas made with organic ingredients - click here to see a cute craft idea reusing the Annie’s pizza boxes!





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Parents Say No to Synthetic Ingredients in Food

We know it’s not always easy being the guardian of good for your kids. But Annie’s has got your back. Since 1989, we’ve been making food that tastes great and you can feel good about giving to your family. See why more and more parents are saying no to synthetic ingredients in food.


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Have a Healthier Pizza Night! Fri, 10 May 2013 16:16:50 +0000 Annie's On any given weeknight,  Rookie Mom Heather Flett is working against the clock to get a healthy meal on the table during the span of a 25-minute block of television (sometimes she only has 12 minutes!). She’s a big fan of two strategies to get the fresh fruits and veggies on our plates: raw and roasted.

Click here to read how Heather gets veggies on the table during pizza night – and gets them to disappear, too.

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Hostess with the Mostess: Pizza Tasting with the Family Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:07:01 +0000 Annie's Being the Hostess with the Mostess can sometimes come with its own challenges when it comes to actually sitting down at the dinner table as a family every night. You’ll see how quality dinnertime can be a reality with a three year-old and a one-year old, and how frozen pizza can have its place at the table, too. She’s a big Annie’s fan (Bunny Grahams and Snack Mix), so she wanted to try our new rising crust pizzas. She’ll show how she sets up a fun Annie’s pizza tasting with the whole family. Yes, you can try this at home!

The Hostess with the Mostess will also share ways to spark discussion about good moments around the dinner table with little ones, no matter how big or small the topic (“a ladybug landed at me at school!”). She’ll share a few free printables so you can start journaling good moments and things throughout your day.

Click here to check out her post!

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Pizza Sides: Southwestern Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing Wed, 17 Apr 2013 00:32:13 +0000 Annie's Guest Blog by Rachel Cooks

While I love to cook, there is something wonderfully comforting knowing that there is a pizza in the freezer, made with natural ingredients, that I can toss in the oven on a busy night. Or maybe on a night when the two kiddos have really worn me out and I just don’t feel like making a complicated dinner. Recently, Annie’s approached me about trying their new pizza line. No brainer!

Putting Good Into Your Family Dinner

I should start by saying that I love Annie’s and all of their products–so does E! But you probably already knew that if you read my recipe for Southwestern Macaroni & Cheese Muffins. I was thrilled to try their new pizzas and was not disappointed by the quality or the flavor. Annie’s asked me to think about the theme of Putting Good Into Your Family Dinner. This really struck a chord with me, because even on those busy nights or the nights where I just can’t drag my butt into the kitchen, I still like to feel confident that I am feeding my family good food. Even if it is a night where I need a little more convenience than an elaborate recipe can provide. Sitting down for dinner as a family is of the utmost importance to us, something that I think will become even more important as our children grow. I love creating a meal and feeling confident in the fact that I’m serving my family something that is good for them and that is going to keep them around for a long, long time. ‘Cause, you know, I kinda like them.

We tried–and loved–the Barbecue Chicken Pizza. My daughter loved it too. Very flavorful (but not too spicy) bbq sauce with a good amount of cheese and chicken and a tender, thick crust. The only thing that could have made it better was bacon, but bacon makes everything better, does it not? To make it a complete meal–or, to put good into my family dinner, I paired it with a southwestern salad with crunchy jicama, sweet little bites of sauteed red bell pepper and red onion, and nutritious spinach. I brightened up the flavors with fresh cilantro and topped it off with Annie’s flavorful Roasted Red Pepper Dressing.

Hop over to Rachel’s blog for the tasty salad recipe!

Rachel’s: BlogTwitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Instagram

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Tales from the Tour, Part 3: Wizards n’ Washers (and a Final Pizza Night Giveaway!) Fri, 30 Nov 2012 19:13:29 +0000 Annie's Our Slice of Happiness Tour is back on the road, sharing slices of our rising crust pizza with fans across America. And no road trip would be complete without some fun detours along the way — so, we asked YOU to tell us where to go. And you did!

We’ve made surprise visits to hungry athletes in Colorado, and gave curious students a good look at our mobile Truck Farm in Iowa. We’ve helped celebrate special family traditions in Illinois, and hopped a mile in someone else’s shoes in New York.

This time, we hung out with wizards in Philly and car washers in Minneapolis.

What’s the only thing better than pizza and a Harry Potter movie marathon? Pizza and a Harry Potter fan festival! So, when we heard there was a Harry Potter celebration happening in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, we waved our wands and magically appeared!

Not only did we hand out tasty pizza samples, we also helped young wizards collect “spells” in a fun festival-wide game. And through conversation with excited families, we discovered that many kids who grew up with Harry, were also “raised on” Annie’s. We even met a little girl named Bernie.

Between meeting awesome Annie’s fans, hunting for the “Horcrux,” Defense against the Dark Art classes, and witnessing a big Quidditch tournament at the end — this detour was definitely one of the coolest unexpected stops on our tour.

Speaking of unexpected stops…

When Annie’s fan Ali Gloege told us she would love for us to hop by her family’s car wash in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we accepted without hesitation. Out of hundreds of fan submissions, this was our first car wash request. We playfully wrote back to Ali, “Do you guys do 40 feet long, tour-dusty pizza trucks, too?” (They do!)

Soapy Joe’s is a family-owned and operated car wash that participates in the Blue Coral® Beyond Green Program  — meaning all of the products they use are designed to minimize environmental impact.

They were kind enough to give our Slice of Happiness Pizza Truck a well-deserved bath, and we were happy to share samples of our new rising crust pizzas with staff and customers.

And this is, to us, is what a real road trip is all about — unexpected (sometimes magical!) discoveries, new experiences and lots of new friends met along the way. Thanks to all of our fans for making this Slice of Happiness Tour so special.

After over 7000 miles and 10,000 slices of pizza the tour has come to an end. But you still have one more chance to get YOUR Slice of Happiness! We’re giving away an exclusive Annie’s Pizza prize pack, full of everything you need for your next pizza night, including an beautifully crafted pizza board and pizza cutter, an Annie’s t-shirt and hat, a Bernie decal and coupons for five FREE Annie’s Rising Crust pizzas!


Tell us in the comment section below: if you could take only three items on your next road trip, what would you choose? This time, we’ll choose THREE winners at random!

In our second Tails from the Road we asked you to tell us in whose shoes would you would walk a mile? We received so many inspiring submissions. Thank you all for sharing your stories with us!

Announcing the WINNERS of our SECOND Pizza Night Giveaway:


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Finn’s 3 Reasons Why Pizza Should Be a New Thanksgiving Tradition Tue, 20 Nov 2012 20:15:36 +0000 Charlie Capen  

Many holidays center around the time-honored tradition of eating truckloads of food — most of which defies the wishes and whims of child palates everywhere. But of all those days of celebration, Thanksgiving snarfs the proverbial and literal cake. At least at Easter and Christmas there are presents.

I asked my son Finn what he would like to eat for Thanksgiving this week, and how did he answer?

“PIZZA and KETCHUP, pweeze.”

As you may remember, Finn is kind of obsessed with the P&K food group. After lengthy negotiations and some tears (mine), it became apparent to me that pizza would need to be included in this year’s feast.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking I just bought myself a one-way Mayflower ride to Crazytown, but hear me out. I made him a deal:

“Son, if you can give me three good reasons why we should have pizza for Thanksgiving, then we’ll make it happen.”

So, together (I translated his Toddlerese), we came up with Finn’s three reasons why pizza should be the main feature in this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Not just any pizza — it has to be of the delicious and better-for-you, Finn-approved variety to pull off this kind of holiday miracle. In our house, it has to be Annie’s.

Annie’s Pizza is much tastier than an olive branch. Trust me. I’m still picking the leaves out of my teeth.

1. One word: Diplomacy
Family politics can be filled with brutal games of psychological warfare. Hushed arguments about who has to sit next to Aunt Ferdie in her gaseous state, puzzling over why certain relatives aren’t speaking to each other (again), and why cousin Marcy insists on letting the family dog eat off of her plate, can really dampen the true spirit of togetherness.

It’s a well-documented scientific and historical fact that pizza kept the peace in Italy for thousands of years… But seriously, have you ever tried dining with a grumpy kid? It’s time to bake up a solution to family dysfunction, an organic one no less.

Or in Finn’s words, “Pizza make happy time!”

Don’t cry, little buddy. Daddy’s just kidding!

2. Inspired Sides
I don’t know about you, but Finn and I get tired of the same old side dishes every year. You can only eat (or in Finn’s case, wear) canned cranberry sauce or garlic mashed potatoes so many times before you gotta go all “foodie” on those worn-out recipes.

Now, I’m no Julia Childs; but Finn and I have watched all seven seasons of MacGyver (twice). And Annie’s pizzas are already made with organic flour and tomatoes, whole grains and 100% real cheese  — so, we just let the main dish inspire us! Here are a few ways we jazzed up some boring holiday side dishes, using only a shoestring and pocket knife (look for our new cookbook out next year):

Cranmato Sauce: Blend pureed cranberries & tomatoes into a tangy seasonal sauce, perfect for dipping your kids’ discarded crusts (which you know you secretly look forward to scarfing).
Cheesy Pepperoni Mashed Potatoes: Bake one of Annie’s Uncured Pepperoni pizzas, carefully lift the melted cheese and pepperoni toppings off the pizza, and lay them delicately over your bowl of mashed potatoes like a warm blanket on a sleeping baby. You are a genius.
Pizzumpkin Pie: Fill that now naked pizza used in your Cheesy Pepperoni Mashed Potatoes with pureed pumpkin and some “smelly good” (Finn’s words) spice, and cover in a whipped cream volcano. YUMSPLOSION!

Our happy little turkey.

3. Tough Turkey
Turkey is the unofficial mascot of Thanksgiving dinner. But let’s face it: cooking a turkey takes 12 hours. Between the laundry, yard work and house cleaning, Finn doesn’t have time for that.

And even with an arsenal of medieval torture/basting tools; Martha Stewart on speed dial; and a repository of bookmarked YouTube cooking videos — we still may end up breaking into to our neighbor’s house and raiding their oven, anyway. You, too?

Well, don’t pull your hair out from under your pilgrim’s hat — try Finn’s (kind of brilliant) compromise instead. Bake one of Annie’s pizzas, and let it cool for just a bit. Then, channeling your inner Michelangelo (or Picasso, if you’re pressed for time, or a toddler), carefully mold it, like a gastronomical Transformer, into the shape of a handsome turkey. You’re still paying homage to the iconic fowl, but you won’t have to stuff stale breadcrumbs into any orifices!

So, there you have it: three indisputable reasons to give Annie’s pizza a whirl on Thanksgiving. You can thank Finn in the comments below. Or, if you’re really creative, send him an origami’d pizza in the shape of your favorite cartoon character. He’d really love that.

And if you do plan to go with a more traditional [ie. BORING] menu this Thanksgiving, better save up your energy and let Annie’s take care of dinner the night before. You’re gonna need it. Grab your $2.50 coupon now!


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Sneaky Tips for Easy Dining With Kids on Pizza Night… or Any Night! Thu, 15 Nov 2012 00:34:07 +0000 Janice Croze

Can I admit something to you? Feeding my children can be the bane of my existence.

My older child, who is now ten, was never a picky eater. But, ever since my daughter arrived on the scene five years ago, trying to get healthy food into her, while having a peaceful meal, has been difficult to say the least.

But I have found a few (sneaky) tricks that help us all enjoy dinnertime.

1. Roll with the Tide

The fact is, my daughter doesn’t have the palette my son has. She has her favorite foods and doesn’t like to stray too far. So, I try to find foods that aren’t going to have her turning her head before she takes a taste.

But of course, we moms are concerned about keeping healthy eating a top priority. (One reason I have been an Annie’s customer for years.)

I can’t allow my daughter to live on cookies and milk. I want to teach my children healthy food choices as well as provide them with healthy meals they love.

So, I am thrilled that Annie’s has introduced a family-size, rising crust pizza made with organic flour and tomatoes, whole grains and 100% real cheese! I’m as excited to pop these pizzas in the oven as my five-year-old daughter. This is one meal that I don’t have ANY problem getting her to eat!

2. Serve Veggies First

A tip I learned from my mom is that hungry children, waiting for dinner to move from oven to table, will devour raw vegetables as if they were manna. I remember eating carrots faster than my mom could put them in the pot to cook. I loved that I got to eat them while they were crisp and crunchy — and got to skip her heaping cooked carrots on my dinner plate.

Ever since my son was old enough to chew a carrot, I’ve offered a veggie plate as a “first course.” So, while we wait for the timer to chime on our oven, my kids are eating their vegetables. After the veggie plate is done, I bring out the main course.

3. Make it Fun

I try to make healthy food fun. My kids’ favorite vegetable is broccoli. I know! Shocking, isn’t it? But once they were old enough to chomp down on a broccoli stalk, I started encouraging them to eat their broccoli by getting them to pretend they were dinosaurs eating the “trees.” Their eyes would light up and they would eagerly rip off the tops of the broccoli with their tiny little molars.

To this day, both of my kids will choose broccoli over almost any other vegetable — especially if I serve them raw with Ranch dressing.

4. Work Together

I try to get my kids involved with the choosing and preparing of dinner. Whether it is putting the pizza in the oven or selecting the veggies, some input from the kids can usually make dinner run more smoothly. It also creates opportunities for them to ask questions about related curiosities, like: “Where was pizza invented?” and “Why do carrots grow upside down?” And they are so proud to be a part of creating the final product that I think they actually appreciate eating it more.

Nights like tonight, when I pull out an Annie’s pizza from the freezer and announce it is “Pizza Night,” have us all cheering. And the relief I get from having my daughter happily eat her dinner with a smile, is as delicious to me as the pizza itself.

QUESTION: What are some of YOUR sneaky tips for easier dining with children?

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