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Tales from the Tour, Part 3: Wizards n’ Washers (and a Final Pizza Night Giveaway!)

Our Slice of Happiness Tour is back on the road, sharing slices of our rising crust pizza with fans across America. And no road trip would be complete without some fun detours along the way — so, we asked YOU to tell us where to go. And you did!

We’ve made surprise visits to hungry athletes in Colorado, and gave curious students a good look at our mobile Truck Farm in Iowa. We’ve helped celebrate special family traditions in Illinois, and hopped a mile in someone else’s shoes in New York.

This time, we hung out with wizards in Philly and car washers in Minneapolis.

What’s the only thing better than pizza and a Harry Potter movie marathon? Pizza and a Harry Potter fan festival! So, when we heard there was a Harry Potter celebration happening in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, we waved our wands and magically appeared!

Not only did we hand out tasty pizza samples, we also helped young wizards collect “spells” in a fun festival-wide game. And through conversation with excited families, we discovered that many kids who grew up with Harry, were also “raised on” Annie’s. We even met a little girl named Bernie.

Between meeting awesome Annie’s fans, hunting for the “Horcrux,” Defense against the Dark Art classes, and witnessing a big Quidditch tournament at the end — this detour was definitely one of the coolest unexpected stops on our tour.

Speaking of unexpected stops…

When Annie’s fan Ali Gloege told us she would love for us to hop by her family’s car wash in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we accepted without hesitation. Out of hundreds of fan submissions, this was our first car wash request. We playfully wrote back to Ali, “Do you guys do 40 feet long, tour-dusty pizza trucks, too?” (They do!)

Soapy Joe’s is a family-owned and operated car wash that participates in the Blue Coral® Beyond Green Program  — meaning all of the products they use are designed to minimize environmental impact.

They were kind enough to give our Slice of Happiness Pizza Truck a well-deserved bath, and we were happy to share samples of our new rising crust pizzas with staff and customers.

And this is, to us, is what a real road trip is all about — unexpected (sometimes magical!) discoveries, new experiences and lots of new friends met along the way. Thanks to all of our fans for making this Slice of Happiness Tour so special.

After over 7000 miles and 10,000 slices of pizza the tour has come to an end. But you still have one more chance to get YOUR Slice of Happiness! We’re giving away an exclusive Annie’s Pizza prize pack, full of everything you need for your next pizza night, including an beautifully crafted pizza board and pizza cutter, an Annie’s t-shirt and hat, a Bernie decal and coupons for five FREE Annie’s Rising Crust pizzas!


Tell us in the comment section below: if you could take only three items on your next road trip, what would you choose? This time, we’ll choose THREE winners at random!

In our second Tails from the Road we asked you to tell us in whose shoes would you would walk a mile? We received so many inspiring submissions. Thank you all for sharing your stories with us!

Announcing the WINNERS of our SECOND Pizza Night Giveaway:


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34 Responses to Tales from the Tour, Part 3: Wizards n’ Washers (and a Final Pizza Night Giveaway!)

  1. Jessica says:

    Some excellent tunes, an excellent friend, and a bag of money!

  2. Laura says:

    Well, since you said only 3 items (vs people…so I’m hoping taking my husband and 2 young kids would be a freebie), I would pack a camera to take pictures to remember everything with, some diapers/wipes for my younger son (I am resourceful, but not enough that I can make those!), and tons of snacks because anyone who has kids knows any road trips requires lots of hydration and food to keep everyone happy!

  3. Janet Mertz says:

    My next road-trip-I would take
    1-My adventurous attitude
    2-Some Annie’s snacks
    3-My phone to record the beauty

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I would take my water bottle, my iPhone, and my Husband (but not in that order) :)

  5. Mara says:

    If i could take three stuffs on my next road trip I would take
    1. My daughter luna.
    2. Our dog karu.
    3. A sense of wonder for the journey ahead.

  6. Nikki marco says:

    I would bring my 3 kids, cash and my iphone.

  7. Diana says:

    I would take Annie’s snacks, my husband and children, and our dog Jack.

  8. Eric says:

    If I could take only three things on my next road trip …

    #1 My Beautiful Dog Shenzi
    #2 A Tent
    #3 Annie’s Organic Canned Foods ( A Truck Bed Full :D )

  9. 1 my dog Ruby
    2 tent
    3 my two boys!

  10. Well I’ve thought about this a lot and I can say with certainty that I would take a map, my sketchbook and watercolor paints. This would allow me to paint interesting scenery across the country.

  11. Preston Reed says:

    My phone, my multi-tool, and my crank lantern that has a phone charger on it. :)

  12. Laurie in MN says:

    I would take: Music–a must have
    Camera–I take pics of everything!
    Journal–Writing is a love of mine.

  13. Avril says:

    Assuming my family is coming (because i wouldnt WANT to go without them!!) I’d bring:
    1. My iphone – bc it has maps, tripadvisor, the internet, etc so i can find cool things to do, places to eat, and call for help if a bear tries to eat us!
    2. Snacks- we are a hungry bunch!!
    3. My camera to record the memories we make!

  14. Kevin says:

    I love going on adventures! It doesn’t matter where you go or what you bring as long as you have good company. That being said, I would bring

    1. My beautiful girlfriend
    2. My crazy, but fun-loving dog
    3. A big blanket to snuggle up in at night

  15. Carolina says:

    On my trip I would take:

    1. Jane Austen – Any novel, you’re always in need of a book!
    2. Warmest Hello Kitty blanket.
    3. Green Tea bags – for when water just isn’t enough!

  16. James Thornock says:

    I would take a
    1 Friend
    2 A Camera
    3 A sense of adventure

    I’d take a friend, because the last two roadtrips I’ve done have been alone :( , and the other two speak for themselves.

  17. katie says:

    I would bring my son, so that he could see all there is to see of the wonderful country he lives in. I would also bring T.P. for those unexpected stops along the way. And I would bring Annies Cheddar Bunnies for my son and I to snack on while singing along to the radio.

  18. Brittany says:

    I would take Annie’s snacks for the family, a sleeping bag, and my phone for entertainment and navigation.

  19. Sarah DJ says:

    Assuming my family was already coming, I’d take
    1- my camera
    2- money for eating at random local (to the area) restaurants
    3- diapers for the little one :-D

  20. Wendy Filiaci says:

    The three things I would bring on myriad trip; my iPhone, Annie’s Mac and Chee, and my great sense of adventure.

  21. Becky goimarac says:

    If I could only take 3 things I would take Jason (my husband) and my 2 boys – Ryder & Cru. Because a road trip would be boring all by myself!

  22. Mary Kate Corbyons says:

    I would take my family, my camera and our double stroller! :) <3

  23. Lori says:

    My horses, my dogs, and my cats!

  24. Wen says:

    If I was going on a trip, I’d take
    1) things to hydrate (like water or juice)
    2) tools (swiss army knife with a cutter and other sorts)
    3) entertainment (hand crank radio so no need for outlets)

    hopefully this won’t be a repost since my previous reply didn’t seem to appear.

  25. sus jimenez says:

    I would take water,binoculars and a knife.
    Water because we can’t survive a day without water. Biboculars to search for food and tracel and a knife for everything. For cutting food,to carving wood to defending myself. :)

  26. Janice says:

    1) family, 2) phone, 3) stock of snacks & drinks

  27. Cat says:

    I would seriously debate bringing my phone….

    But for sure-
    1. Kids and fiancé. Love road trips!!!!
    2. Tons of snacks. Annie’s ginger snaps are our favorite!
    3. Maps galore! Nothing like driving and just discovering every little nook and cranny that this country has to offer.

  28. Heather says:

    #1- My children. They make live worth living!
    #2- Cheddar bunnies. They keep my children happy on road trips, trips to the store, waiting in line….
    #3- My phone. We love taking pictures and FaceTiming the rest if our family!

  29. Mary says:

    Kids, phone and gluten free snacks.

  30. Judy says:

    Wow — tough decision! I guess the three things I’d take would be 1) my family {if they count as more than one thing, then I’d take my phone :) }, 2) cheddar bunnies and 3) a giant water bottle.

  31. Tara says:

    My phone,baby wipes, and lots of snacks.

  32. Jill W. says:

    If I could take only three items on a road trip they would be……my camera, coffee and a good old fashion paper map!

  33. Stefanie says:

    The three items I would take on my roadtrip would be some Annie’s snacks, my cats and my laptop computer.

  34. Tamalyn Fraley says:

    If I could only take three things on my next road trip they would probably be three I tend to take everywhere. 1- I big reusable bottle, don’t want to to get dehydrated; 2- a peopletowel to serve as hand wipe, hanky, white flag, or any other thing needed; and 3- my phone it’s like having a phone book, map, wallet, encyclopedia, translator, and personal assistant all in one these days.

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