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Tales from the Tour, Part 2: a Family Tradition, a Good Cause and a Pizza Night Giveaway!


Our Slice of Happiness Tour is back on the road, sharing slices of our rising crust pizza with fans across America. And no road trip would be complete without some fun detours along the way — so, we asked YOU to tell us where to go. And you did!

For our first two detours, we made a couple of surprise visits to hungry athletes in Arvada, CO and curious students Des Moines, IA.

Our next detours took us to Downers Grove, IL to help one family celebrate a special autumn tradition; and to New Paltz, NY, to try hopping a mile in someone else’s shoes.


Lauren Baratta-Cooper’s family welcomes Fall every year with an all-day celebration at her aunt’s home in Downers Grove, IL (a suburb of Chicago).

Lauren’s whole family (there’s a lot of them!) are huge Annie’s fans (mac and cheesers 4 life!), and when she read about our detour stops, she thought, “Why not?”

We’re big on family tradition, and we just love a good party. So, we said “Why not!”

annie's_detour2_3You know how meeting some people feels like you’ve known them forever? It’s easy to get a little homesick when you’re on the road, and spending time with Lauren’s generous, fun-loving family felt a little home. We had a blast carving pumpkins, and sharing stories and some tasty pizza with them.


Our next detour request came with a lot of conviction… from 13 different fans! So we knew there was no way we could leave New York without a visit to State University of New York,  New Paltz, where students were holding a one-mile run in support of St. Jude’s Up ’til Dawn, a fundraising program in which teams of students across the country compete in an all-night challenge for the patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Faith Hassell (above right), one of those 13 SUNY New Paltz students to reach out to us, said:

“We do this for the kids. The kids that dream of getting to go to college like we all do or did; the kids that dream of riding a bike; the kids that dream of being doctors and researchers; the kids that just want to see a day outside of the hospital. Every little bit helps and having your Pizza Truck stop by would be an amazing addition to our event.

Well, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

annies_detour2_9annies_detour2_10Bernie even got in on the act!


Well, kind of…

It’s time for us to get back on the road. But first — get YOUR Slice of Happiness. We’re giving away an exclusive Annie’s Pizza prize pack, full of everything you need for an awesome Pizza Night!


Tell us in the comment section below: if you could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be? This time, we’ll choose TWO winners at random and announce them in our next Detour blog post!

In our first Detour report from the road, we asked YOU to tell us your most memorable road trip. We received so many wonderful submissions of great stories we’d love to hear around the campfire sometime. Thank you all for your awesome submissions!



Thanks for following along, and be sure to check back here for more of our adventures from the road!

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35 Responses to Tales from the Tour, Part 2: a Family Tradition, a Good Cause and a Pizza Night Giveaway!

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  2. Wendy Wilson says:

    I honestly would not want to walk in anybody else’s shoes for they have their path to walk as I have my own path to for-fill. If making up a lie saying I’d walk in somebody else shoes would help me when then I walk in the shoes of my Guarding Angel’s shoes. Thank you. good luck to whom ever may be picked. blessings be yours.

  3. Alicia Thomas says:

    I would like to walk in the President’s shoes I would love to try to help the United States in everyway I could creating more jobs and less spending because of the 16 trillion in debt and wouldnt anyone like to live in the White House! :) thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Denise Clark says:

    If I could, I would want to walk a mile in my sister’s shoes. She died at 41 of a massive heart attack in 2009 and we didn’t even know she was having any problems. To be able to be in her shoes and see what she had to face every day with family and financial struggles, I would hope that I could get a better glimpse of what she was going through. I knew she had it rough, but I never imagined it to be so bad. We never know what we have until it is gone.

  5. Michelle Klein says:

    I would walk in my Grandma Walds shoes. She grew up on a farm in North Dakota one of seventeen children. She helped deliver her twin brothers. She helped her dad with the outside work and rode the horse that pulled the wagon taking her siblings and neighbors to school. After raising my mom and aunt and getting divorced in a time that it wasn’t as common to, she went back to business school and worked hard. I loved visiting her on her breaks from selling in the “better dresses” department of The Bon Marche. For a few years now she is coping with dementia, such a cruel disease but she still has her sweet smile and want to walk and move.

  6. Kim Chapman says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but I would want to walk a mile in my dog’s Paws. I want to know what he’s thinking when I leave him to go to work in the morning and feel the excitement that he shows when I come home. I want to know what it is to give love unconditionally and truly and honestly know the comfort of laying in a window with the sun on my face and just snoozing.

  7. Marlene Manske says:

    I would walk in Mother Theresa’s shoes. Just imagine. However, there are some very heartfelt storys out here that I believe deserve more than pizza.

  8. Hannah says:

    I’d love to walk a mile in my wonderful husband’s shoes so I would know even better how to love and respect him! He works so hard for our family and is an amazing father to our four young kids- and is taking a busy graduate class and has NO free time. He needs a break- I’d walk a mile in his shoes to give him a break!

  9. Jessi says:

    I would walk in the presidents shoes so I can truly know and appreciate how difficult his job is!

  10. Pam I says:

    If I could walk in someones shoes, it would be the head of some large bank or financial firm. I would like to know what really goes on behind closed doors. And to be able to talk to all the folks that they interact with to get the real scoop on our economy as well as foreign economies.

  11. Sara Sweatman says:

    I would love to walk a mile in my daughter’s shoes! How wonderful it would be to once again view the world as a child, to feel the excitement of the holidays, to experience new things with complete wonder. I would live each step with my eyes and mind completely open!

  12. Melissa Loudy says:

    I’d walk in my Momma’s shoes if I could. Life continously threw her curve balls yet she persevered . She lost her mom and husband to cancer in 3 years. She became even more loving and giving. She lost her little sister and even though it shook her maintained her faith. She was my rock when i fought cancer. I didn’t appreciate her near enough and that’s why I want to be in her shoes. I want to learn grace,perseverance and to leave others withthe feeling of love and joy like she did.

  13. kaye lake says:

    I would walk in my grand mother’s shoes…She was a wonderful woman who I miss a lot…

  14. Stephanie LeDuc says:

    Sulyvan, November 9th. I would chose her to win. That’s such a touching story of watching her children’s children go through their own suffering of this life. I can’t top that response. Thanks for the heartfelt share. I pray our family doesn’t experience this route in life. Praying for your Sulyvan.

  15. Kerry Ruby says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone’s shoes it would have to be JESUS…for so many reasons…<3 For all he has seen and all he has done …

  16. sasha payne says:

    i would choose my grandmother, Doris Koch. She was a Christian woman who instilled in me a strong faith and hope that the next day would be better! She was amazing and had an extremely tough life with many challenges who still was optimistic and full of grace. I miss her everyday and she has been gone 20 years now…

  17. Renata says:

    I would choose my loving Grandma who is just turning 90 years old next week! She has lived through many decades and has experienced many different trials and challenges having grown up during the depression and being a veterans wife during WWII. She’s a very strong lady that has an open heart and I have learned from her aged wisdom as she always shares wise jewels of intuition and loves her family and others wholeheartedly! Thank you!

  18. lucy berg says:

    If I could walk a mile in somebody shoes it probably would be Betty White, she is a remarkable 90 year old women with spunk, beauty and alot of fun to watch, I only wish I had half of her energy, I probably feel more like 90 than she does

  19. Lucia Bocanegra-Claxton says:

    Michelle Obama, so I can sit down and chat with President Obama while having a glass of wine with him!

  20. Joy del Aguila says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone’s shoes, it would be my amazing mother. She raised 7 of us kids, often as a single, hard working Mom. She always made sure we had a hot supper, new school clothes and a wonderful Christmas. Now that I’m a Mom of 3, I appreciate her that much more – knowing how hard it can be. Now, my family has moved out of state and we miss her so much! I wish I could walk a mile in her shoes and take away her health problems, even for just awhile.

  21. Stefanie says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, it would be my mother because we seem to disagree on just about everything, but we still love each other. I think I would have a better understanding of her life and views if I could walk in her shoes.

  22. Raymond says:

    Billy Graham for me! America’s pastor and definitely a role model in how he lived his life in truth, integrity and passion for his beliefs and morals! Thanks!

  23. shawna bowen says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone elses shoes I would choose my son. He has APD, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia and a heart conditon. I am always seraching for thing to help him out. Not know how any of these feel, it is very diffucult. So for him and others who suffer like him, I would love to be able to experience it so I could make a difference. If I could I would trade places with him so he would have to suffer with all these issues.

  24. nikki bankert says:

    if i could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes it would have to be my grandmother, she has the answer for everything, can make something out of nothing , just an incredible woman.

  25. Kate says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I would choose Marie Antoinette. Visiting her cottage and mini-farm outside of Versailles was one of the most awesome experiences ever. It was such an amazing retreat from the stuffy (but beautiful) palace.

  26. Georgiana says:

    Definitely my Mom as she is the most loving and giving person I know! She helps everyone in need and would even give the shirt off her back! She’s always there for me with open arms no matter what and most importantly she is my true best friend for life! Thank you!

  27. Mark Garsteck says:

    I would walk in President Kennedy’s shoes. Those were some trying times requiring tough decisions!

  28. Hirono says:

    I think I would want to walk a mile in Carl Sagan’s shoes. He was such an incredible astronomer/ astrophysicist and he viewed the universe with such wonder and curiosity. I think it would be great to walk a mile in his shoe.

  29. Katherine B. says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone’s shoes it would be my husband’s. I am fortunate enough to stay home with my son and would like to be able to better understand his “life” at work.

  30. sulyvan says:

    Walking a mile in someone’s shoes is really an expression we use to express our desire to understand what it going on in their lives, head and heart. While we can see some of what goes on in someone’s life as an onlooker, it is impossible to really understand what is going on ‘inside.’ I would love to walk a mile in the heart and mind of my 6 year old grandson as within less than two years he as dealt with the loss of a younger brother to a rare childhood cancer, moved homes twice, parent’s divorce, changing schools and loss of a family pet. Through all this he is kind, sweet and very sensitive and I would love to walk in his shoes and see how all the obstacles in his young life look through the perspective of his heart and mind.

  31. jen says:

    I’d walk a mile in one of my kids’ shoes. My daughter has severe migraines and a seizure disorder that has severely disrupted her life. My son has a variety of ailments and a crippling muscular disease. I’d love to be able to truly understand how they feel, how they are treated, and how they find the strength to keep going forward. By doing that, I hope I could learn to be more patient and understanding.

  32. Cat wallace says:

    If I could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes it would be First Lady Michelle Obama…a strong, beautiful, caring mother of two, the wife of our nation’s leader, a food and health enthusiast and game changer for nutrition policy for children. Her life like the president is probably a whirlwind but she gets it done and I applaud her because she makes it look easy and she looks good doing it!

  33. kristen m says:

    I would walk a mile in my mom’s shoes because she had fibromyalgia, hashimoto’s disease, crohn’s disease, arthritis, and a handful of other diseases/conditions that I can’t remember. Every day is a bad day for her and feeling her day to day pain would make me less resistant to getting out of bed in my healthy body in the morning.

  34. Melissa Fordyce says:

    I would choose Mother Theresa- she was one of a kind !

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